Tactical Buying, Transactional Services, e-Commerce

Tactical Buying, Transactional Services, e-Commerce

Sue Donaldson  MCIPS                                                Supply Chain and eEnablement

Sue has over 22 years’ experience in public and private sector supply chain management, logistics and eCommerce services.  With a proven track record of implementing new and radical changes, including end to end lean materials management services,  eProcurement systems and auto dispensing stock management systems.  Sue is also well experienced in the management of tactical buying functions, P2P processes and supply customer services.  Sue has undergone formal training into Six Sigma and always champions lean and agile process philosophies.

Tactical Buying Team

We employ a team of highly skilled tactical buyers, experienced in efficiently managing day to day expenditure.  The team excels in managing the expedition of annual capital requirements, maintenance contract management and general below threshold consumable expenditure.  Due to our extensive experience within the health sector, we can quickly identify saving opportunities through aggregation and standardisation of contracting opportunities.  By increasing cataloguing of recurrent items, the expedition of purchase orders can be automated up to 80%. This reduces the administrative burden of a supplies function and allows resources to be redirected in to negotiating lower prices.

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